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#39060 Nov 18, 2007

Hi y'all,

I have a question...there are quite a few different manufacturer of beading

wire out there - Soft Flex, Soft Touch(same, different lines), Accu-flex,

Beadalon and Griffen. Which one is the best to use??

I have noticed that some are less expensive than others and they are all 49

strand wire and diameter options are all pretty much the same.

I have been using soft flex. Are all the others brands just as soft and

flexible as the soft flex??

Trying to figure out if this is an area where I can save on expenses or not.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Z


#39090 Nov 19, 2007

Personally, I do not skimp on my jewelry. I try to sell most of mine

and I usually do because my customers know what they are paying for. I

use Soft Flex wires and always use 49 strands. I also buy sturdy

crimps, clasps and quality beads.

If you are trying to save money, I would just suggest shopping around.

Sometimes it can be frustrating to buy from a lot of different sources

but its usually and can be worth it. Also, if your source has free

shipping after a certain amount, try your hardest to wait until you

have that amount in an order. If you can't wait, try to anticipate

your upcoming needs and order from there. I have bought more expensive

beads from sources whose shipping was cheaper or free and still saved.

If you need help, I am willing to search for you. I would just need a

list of what you are looking for and to know if you have a retailers

tax ID number.

Hope this helps!