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Does the motor have to be isolated on this was purchased in

1993 and is one of the older ones in my collection......and is the DH121 the

correct decoder if I can get it to fit......Jerry A in Louisville

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Date: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 10:54 AM

Subject: Re: [Digitrax] off topic-NMRA -Ft Lauderdale motel room tax


>>This doesn't pertain to Digitrax other than many users attended the NMRA

>>convention. This month when I received my MC bill I found a charge of

>>$53.35 which is explained as the tax on the 5 days room which was included

>>in my registration package. By the time I received this charge I had

>>destroyed my registration papers. Was the 5 days room payment shown as

>>excluding tax?


>>Did the convention loose money and they are looking for any way possible

>>to cut losses.


>>Joe Ludley


>This is one of the nastys for people who don't travel that much, there are

>some huge taxes out there on Hotels and Rental cars.


>A lot of them are for stadium projects, let's tax the out of towners

>they don't vote here.


>Some of the travel groups are starting to make a push for disclosure rules

>for Hotels and Rental Cars





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#48144 Sep 4 3:22 PM

Jerry, if you don't have a checker for continuity you can make one with a AA

battery and 1.5v bulb. I don't recall if the Atlas FP7 needs isolation or

not. Chances are if it's a Roco drive, then it does. It won't have a plug,

so you should be able to see take it apart and see...............Tim


#48145 Sep 4 3:15 PM

The motor should already be isolated as the trucks are plastic do not feed

power directly to the frame. The DH121 should work fine if you can find

room for it. If not ,one of the Atlas/Kato PC board type decoders should

fit nicely.

Kevin Jones