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#23359 Oct 29, 2000

Soundtraxx has that on their web site:

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, if you don not have it, get it

free from:

Note: this circuit only works with the Full DSD decoders not with the DSX or

LC decoders.

Michael Mosher


2001 A Train Odyssey,

National Model Railroad Association,

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> Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 10:08:26 -0700

> From: Jack Wilson jackwils@...>

> Subject: Re: OT: Soundtrax modules


> Heck, I'd settle for a schematic that shows how to hook up an under thetable system for my first generation EMDs. It would also help if I had a

list of required components (including the right sound decoder). I have an

Empire Builder and would like to MU the sound decoder with my Espee F-7s and

SDs. ??? >

> Being a complete dummy electronically (at least) I'd certainly appreciateany assistance some good sam might offer. >

> Jack Wilson

> Prescott, AZ

> ==


> Dale Bryant wrote:


> > >most engines, so I've decided to use several Soundtrax decoders as

> > >sound-only sources, feeding the output of all of them (probalby about

> > >five or six overall) into a common line-level output that I'll run into

> > >my PC sound card (to mix with .wav files from the PC).

> > >

> > >So, my question is:

> >

> > I have a question sort of like that. I run my trains on modules thatget setup in different patterns. I want to have a "big" sound that follows

my loco around the layout. That is the volume on one set of speakers goes

up when the loco gets near while another set goes down as the loco gets

futher away. I already have 7 sets of amplified speakes. Do any of you know

of a system that can make this work? If not what would it take to make it

work? > >