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#207354 Oct 6, 2016


The throttles fighting each other problem issolved.

Human nature as it is, I tried the simplestsuggestion first - that of David Pitcher - and simply plugged in the UR92. Itworked.

This would also solve the lingering puzzle of whyno one ever complained of this happening during an op session: I always plug theUR92 in prior to the session's start time.

When I'm alone and running, I never plug the UR92in. This is why it only happened with my two throttles.

Now, this may also confirm the many suggestions ofnot having enough power to the loconet. When I plug in the UR92, would that notsend more power to the system?

I thank all that responded. I hope I can helpsomeone in the future.

John RiekenHomer, GA


#207356 Oct 6, 2016


It is frequently the little things that cause the most problems. In thiscase it is safe to assume that when operating alone your UR92 was drawing itspower from the railsync lines of the LocoNet.

Note here that many of the LocoNet devices can draw power from the LocoNetrailsync lines. When the voltage of the railsync lines drops below a specificlevel all sorts of strange things can happen.

FWIW I power all of my UP5 panels and my UR9x panels from a single 15 vdcswitching power supply that is powered 24x7. When a throttle is not in use it istethered to one of my UP5 panels. I also keep four spare, fully charged, 9 vdcrechargeable batteries on hand just in case I forget to plug one of my throttlesinto one of the UP5 panels and the voltage in the battery goes below minimumoperating requirement.

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