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Whether Homasote does or does not expand and contract seems to be

more an article of religious faith than of replictable data on

either side. I've had it glued and screwed to 1/2" ply in my

unsealed unheated California garage without any problems but my

friend about five miles from me hates it.

There are some relevant truths, however. First and foremost, it is

not a model railroad product made to our specifications. It is a

rough building product mostly used as sound deadening in walls our

under floors. A 1/16" difference between sheets is not an

insurmountable problem for a guy swinging a hammer.

Second, Lynn Westcott, who first discovered this product and put it

to model railroad use, claimed it could be used unsupported. The

chorus of "No, it can't" spanned a good ten years before people

finally quit trying.

Third, many years ago a guy (not the current owners nor even the guy

before them) took to milling the stuff into a product called Homabed

that gave the modeler a nice ballast profile, a uniform size, and an

ability to curve the stuff. Since then Homabed has been expanded to

cover a vast array of scales, gauges, and ballast angles.

Finally, a suspicion, not a fact. I suspect that there is not enough

tensile strength in the product either pushing or pulling to shift

benchwork. It would be much more likely to crumble. I have never

seen it claimed that the Homasote itself bowed up or shrank away.

The more likely culprit is the benchwork supporting it moving the

Homasote. (If you are not supporting it with benchwork, see above

comments about Lynn Wescott)

Bill Kaufman


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--- In, "Bill Kaufman" whk58@p...> wrote: > Whether Homasote does or does not expand and contract seems to be more an article of religious faith...

I feel it is more dogma than religion. Same same for the previous

acceptance of a 30-inch HO mainline as being just fine, gota have a

pure linear design to be a real model railroader and the multi-part

way bill is the way to do operations.

I am not keen on any of it.

Jim Mansfield

Mr. Railroad