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#33910 Apr 13, 2002

It's not to early to begin planning / thinking about what type of display you

will bring to the LD SIG room to show off your modeling efforts. Bring

photos, 3d mockups, track plans/schematics, whatever. Those of you who have

been to the SIG room at past conventions clearly recall the wonderful

opportunities for friendly exchange of ideas and great discussions that these

displays provide. Also for new LDSIG members, or members to be, these

displays can be tremendously helpful and highly informative and motivational.

I'm sure we have gained several new members each year as a result of what

these new members saw and/or heard while viewing the display area of the SIG

room. (We're not elite; but we are good!!! g>)

The Registration Form in the next issue of the LDJ will have a space for you

to tell us an estimated amount of 2d or 3d space that you need. We are

upgrading parts of the display system and will have the room you request.

Plan NOW for a vibrant and extensive display of your work!!!!

IMPORTANT: We recognize that only a portion of LD SIG members are on this

Yahoo mail list. We would request you forward this, and subsequent

"Bulletins", on to other LD SIGers who are members in your club, or operating

group, or in you geographical area. We greatly appreciate your help in

dispersing this Bulletin as widely as possible.

Joe Brann - LDSIG Coordinator

Bob Leonard - LDSIG Vice Coordinator

Bruce Metcalf - LDSIG Vice Coordinator