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wrote: I would like to include a large 6-Track Mine Tipple complex in my plans.

I have room for the actual structure but am running into an issue if I

try to have turnouts on both ends of the mine tracks. There is not

enough room to have tracks go that far past the actual building before

the "turnout ladder" begins. But if I understand coal mine operation,

the track length needs to be atleast the same length as the number of

cars the mine can hold. To get that length of track though, I would

need to eliminate one of the turnout ladders so it can only be "fed"

from one side. Any thought on if both sides of the mines tracks MUST

have access, or would one side suffice. What are the consequences

operationally for only having one side access to the mine. Thanks.

I model the Missouri Pacific coal branches in Southern Illinois. Many mines

had stub end tracks on a bit of an incline. The loads were pulled first, and

then the empties were set on the other side of the tipple and the brakes set.

The mine workers would then use the handbrakes to roll the cars down to the

tipple and spot them for loading. I have read about this in various books,

primarily the three or four excellent books about the Interstate Railroad, and

the Burlington Route Historical Society's Bulletin entitled "The Q in the Coal

Fields." Even if you don't model the Interstate, and who does, I highly

recommend those books for their wonderful historic accounts of what it was like to

run a coal railroad. Absolutely excellent information, including mine track

maps of almost every mine they served. If I had it all to do over again, the

Interstate would be my railroad of choice!

Jerry Michels

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