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The first thing that comes to my mind is book shelves they make right now that are "invisible bracket" you can get at the home centers. They screw into the joists and are designed to support books, pretty heavy stuff. The directions should tell you what they are rated to support so you will know how...close you would have to space shelves. (weigh your trains and the shelf/module/units you build. I would suggest Iain Rice's design for layouts that sit on book shelves for the benchwork. I.R.'s benchwork is also desined to be light weight.

I hope...that might help...

...Best Regards, David


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Sent: Thursday, November 6, 2008 8:28:53 PM

Subject: [ldsig] Need some carpentry advice

We lucked out with Ike and got no water damage, but a friend did and

lost his entire layout. 15 years of work spoiled by 9 feet of water and

debris. I was going to build a new layout for my son, but we decided

against it because it would be too hard to move in the event of another

flood or a bigger storm! SO, I want to build a shelf around the top of

his bedroom to house his O-gauge trains. I have it in my head that I

want it to be a shelf with no visible supports on the bottom side except

perhaps some molding around the bottom against the wall. No supports

to the ceiling either. Is it possible to build something like this

and have it support the load of a fully loaded Lionel O27 Steamer and 15

cars and track and scenery?

I am hoping one of you may have done something like this in the past and

could give me a few pointers. The room measures 11x22 so it will be 66

feet around. I am pretty good with my hands so I think I could build it

if I could just come up with a good design....



Seabrook, TX