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I want to thank every one who responded to this issue.There are several things I will try out and see what works.For the record, I did all the loco testing w/o any cars. Locowas brand new and as far as my eyes could see, the tops of the rails weregleaming clean after aggressively using the Brite Boy.To answer other questions.... our layout is in the middle of thestore. The ground cover is fine Woodland Scenic turf,whichwas secured with whiteglue. There's a layerof dust mixed in with all this, as we are on a major street and it's alwayswindy here in Northridge. Regardless, the HO track on the sameboard alwaysworks fine. At this point, I ripped out allthe 'N track and cork anddust-busted all around. Therail was last laid over 25 years ago, so it was worn and time forreplacement. Once complete, I will test it out and see if thedirt comes back at the same rate. If so, I'll try therecommended items and cleaning.

Someone asked about ourlocation:

8941 Resda Blvd.Northridge, 91324

Thanks again for the helpful responses!


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1. Comitt to replacing all the plastic wheelsets with metal.2.Clean your loco wheels by running one truck up onto a paper towel wet withalchol.3. Look up the "gleam method of track cleaning". Follow itclosely.4. Treat your rails with no-ox.5. Enjoy your trains and vaccumfrom time to time.

Warning: You may have to retreat your rails inabout 4-5 years.

No-ox source; ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- .com/exec/ productinfo/ 171-226Thisincludes dirrections for application to the rails.

Linn Wescott wroteabout this stuff 45 years ago.

I have only vaccumed my garage layoutin the last seven months.