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#6583 Mar 25, 2005

To all:

Just a noteconcerning what are the post-"firing" appearances that occur on the Fridayshows: Because several shows (Tony Danza, etc.) were either in repeats or wereoff completely today because of Good Friday, look for Erin to appear on those onMonday.

Given that, Erindid appear this morning on the TODAY show, and she admitted on that she wastotally lost on the Home Depot task, which if you saw on the show was clearlyobvious was the case. Even before the show aired, based on what the questions onthe Yahoo! Fantasy game were, it was clearly obvious she was going to be"fired", and the first few minutes of the show said that as well, even if itlooked like Mr. Trump was looking to "fire" Chris or Angie (and Erin was dressednot much more appropriately on TODAY than Audrey was a few weeks ago, wearing atanked t-shirt with a miniskirt and open-toe pumps).

This also explains why they did the clip show last week. Knowing todaywas Good Friday and a number of shows would be in repeats or off entirely thatthe contestants normally do, they could easily have Erin do her TODAY show (andalso possibly her MSNBC) appearance(s) today and the rest on Monday since shelives here in Philadelphia and it's a 1 1/2-2 1/2 hour train ride to New Yorkfrom here, she could easily come back to do the rest of her appearences onMonday or Tuesday.

I also still think for us herein Philly, we will be seeing a lot of Erin in the near future on TV here sinceI'm sure NBC will want her in some role on WCAU-TV (Channel 10), which they ownhere in Philly, especially since I'm sure CBS would love to have her for KYW-TV(Channel 3) as those two stations have a healthy battle between each other, andseparately would want her to take on longtime news ratings kingpin, ABC-OwnedWPVI-TV (Channel 6), which has led the local news ratings race here for most ofthe past 30 years.