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#2527 May 7, 2004

Ereka Vetrini taking possible slander action against Omarosa

Added 2004-04-09

Ereka Vetrini, 27, an "Apprentice" cast member is fired up over what she claims was unfair treatment by her reality-show rival Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.

New Yorker Ereka is also steamed at Oprah Winfrey. On Tuesday, the talk queen invited Vetrini, Omarosa, big boss Donald Trump and various "Apprentice" alums for a taping airing. But Vetrini says she wasn't given equal time to defend herself against Omarosa's claim that Vetrini once used "the N word" to describe her.

Vetrini, who denies uttering the slur, is now exploring a slander action against Omarosa. "That was unfair," she said "I love Oprah, but I was disappointed about the way this show was produced. Racism is a very serious subject for me."

Winfrey raised the topic with Omarosa and Trump onstage while Vetrini was in the audience, "fighting to speak," she says. A spokeswoman for Winfrey's show said, "Oprah asked her, 'Did you call her the N word?' and Ereka had the chance to reply." Vetrini has told pals Oprah "cut off" her response.

Omarosa first made her accusation on "The View." Vetrini told us Omarosa later admitted she had never heard her use the N word. According to Vetrini, "She's making it up because she wants to write a book on the subject. She wants to go from villain to victim."

Meanwhile, Omarosa reportedly got fired again this time by her own publicist. According to a source, the testy contestant delayed taping for a June episode of SoapNet's "Soap Talk" because she wouldn't sign the standard release agreement required of talk-show guests.

Eventually, she gave in, but the incident so embarrassed her PR adviser, Shannon Barr, that the flack walked off the set. Barr wouldn't comment on her reasons for parting company with Omarosa


#2529 May 8, 2004

I wonder if Omarosa is a paranoid schzophrenic. I all I know is she

needs help. > reasons for parting company with Omarosa