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#3115 Sep 22, 2004

Yes, Wes told the restaurant people that he was representing Ciao

Bella but that did not get him anywhere. I wonder if there were any

indpendent ice cream shops that they could have tried. The owners/

managers would likely have wanted to at least try their product if

they did not already carry Ciao Bella


#3118 Sep 22, 2004

I don't know if it was coincidence or just bad luck with the ones Wes

contacted but they all seem to either closed the next day or just not

interested in a special one day limited edition product


#3121 Sep 22, 2004

on how to promote it, but I bet it does from now on??

Pamela should have done some research on the computer just to be

prepared, rather than ask the ice cream makers so many questions about

how they make ice cream


#3123 Sep 22, 2004

The one day limited edition sounds to me like a scam, perhaps it did

to the people Wes contacted as well. If it was that good, why would

it only be available one day, I would ask myself. It's like the sales

pitch where the salesman says "not available in stores". To me, that

means the product is no good, if it were, stores would have it


#3167 Sep 24, 2004

At 07:12 AM 9/24/2004, you wrote:Am I the only person here who'slived in the south?Just out of curiosity?Nope, I'm definitely Southern as well. (I've lived in north Alabama allmy life.) I personally think the red velvet cake ice cream idea wasawesome -- red velvet done right is one of the most delicious things inthe world. I'm trying to persuade my husband to let me plunk down $35 toorder some of the Apprentice ice cream off the Ciao Bella website, but sofar I'm having no luck.Andrea


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#3189 Sep 24, 2004

having no luck.

Does UPS have refrigerated trucks?


#3226 Sep 24, 2004


Ronnie and Boo


#3228 Sep 24, 2004

At 11:54 AM 9/24/2004, you wrote:Does UPS have refrigeratedtrucks?Not that I know of. But according to the ordering and shipping policieson the Ciao Bella website, the "ice cream orders are carefullypacked with dry ice in a reusable insulated box, which is placed inside acorrugated double strength box." (I copied and pasted!) Orders arealso shipped only FedEx Overnight. I imagine Ciao Bella has perfectedshipping ice cream, and if I know it'll be arriving I'll make sure I'mhome that day so it won't have to sit outside at all. It should work. Ifnot, I'll only try it once!Andrea


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#3229 Sep 24, 2004

I'm a Southern girl...was born in SC, lived in Atlanta for 20 years, now I'm in Charleston, SC. Charleston is not my birth place, but SC is my birth state.

In a message dated 9/24/2004 10:34:10 AM Eastern Standard Time, andrea@... writes:Am I the only person here who's lived in the south?

Just out of curiosity?