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#9067 Feb 28, 2006


After watching the Gauntlet tonight and getting zapped by that show's

results- Beth walks off without even trying to fight for the

captain's position, I was a bit frazzled. But it just shows you how

both shows are alike and different. On MTV the Gauntlet is a show

where they have two teams of ex Real World and Road Rules cast

members compete on challenges. The losing tema sneds two people ,

one of whom is the captain to the "Gauntlet" where they have a

challenge and the loser goes whom.

The shows are alike in many ways. The people are ruthless, dishonest,

mean spirited, cut throat, and don't have any redeamable human

qualities. There are alliances and people vote merely for people who

they are fiends with. It is basically one big popularity contest. It

has nothing to do with the supposed goal of the show- the find the

best person or let the person win. We go back to high school for

these shows. There is plenty of back stabbibg and bullying of weaker

and less popular team mates. A group mob mentality takes place where

somebody who is perceived as different is scapegoated for losing the

task. The reality is that the most popular players or the leader/PM

uses his/her cunning to deflect attention away from the fact that it

was their fault that their team lost.

The differences are that on MTV the people are mostly young and

stupid with very little prospects for a future. if they didn't have

the occassional MTV appearance they might be homeless. The ex-Real

Worlders/Road Rulers who don't go on challenges actaully have careers

and don't need the scale check. The people on the Apprentice

actually have successful careers that those on the MTV challenges

could never dream of. Their resumes are very impressive. The tasks on

The Gauntlet have no bearing in the real world. The people perform

pointless physical taks that challenge nothing but are merely ways

to entertain the viewer. The tasks on the Aprentice have merit.

There are things to learn about business, leadership, and group

dynamics. The only thing you can learn from the MTV challenges is who

is sleeping with who and who is trying to show off their breasts for

the camera.

But despite these differences, you can learn important lessons about

people- they are essentially evil and will kill their own mother for

their 15 minutes of fame