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#6905 Apr 29, 2005

I thought that Tana going to the Win/Loss record as a PM was a very weak

play and a cop out. I supposed since this is a 16 week game show, we

may as well treat it as such by keeping score. You know Trump is going

to give Tana some slack because of her past performance but when he

started going after her for being a nice woman, I was beginning to worry

a bit. She was actually winning George and Trump over on her response

to her perceived weakness without having to go to the win/loss record

card. Luckily, Trump had finally seen Alex for what he is, someone who

will sit back and wait for someone to make a mistake so he can escape to

live another day instead of proactively put himself in a winning

position by actually winning a task. Maybe he did tried to win but

failed with dumb ideas and concepts.

> Walt


#6906 Apr 29, 2005

All I can say is YIPPEE - The wimp is gone. > Walt


#6907 Apr 29, 2005

I think if Alex had remembered his own record and had continued to be

assertive/aggressive, Tana might have been dismissed for being nice but

not strong enough to hold her own. Clearly, both lacked the marketing

vision, but, on the other hand, this may not be part of their job for

Trump. I have mixed feelings about Craig and Kendra. They seem to be

good idea people, but they just don't seem to communicate well. Kendra

seems more effective though.



#6908 Apr 29, 2005

Tana really lucked out last night. I thought for sure she was gone, but her

bringing up the win/loss record and Alex memory slip really turned things

around for her. It seems to me that Trump is impressed by people who can

put up a good argument in the Board Room, even if it seems that he has

already made a decision about them.

Alex really seemed to tout his laundry list of Tana's mistakes, yet aside

from the lack of marketing, we really didn't hear much about that.

I also can't wait to see Craig's 1-on-1 interviews next week. Is he going

to be as abstract with the interviewers as he is with his teammates?



#6911 Apr 29, 2005

I figured Alex would backed into the finals but justice is finally

served. Then again the remaining 3 are rather weak where Tana is

probably the strongest of the bunch


#6913 Apr 29, 2005

Craig's interview is going to be a trainwreck


#6914 Apr 30, 2005

I thought DT and co pulled a really bad head fake again. He knew from

the get-go he was going to fire Alex but he strung us along with his

and George's and Carolyn's attack on Tana just for drama. I don't like

the way he set Alex up by asking him how many times he got fired as

PM. So he got flustered and forgot. It happens to all of us when we're

called into the boss' office. If I were Alex, at that point I would

have gone for broke and asked DT if he already knew the answer, why he

asked him. At that point Alex truly had nothing to lose. At least he

wouldn't have gone out as a sniveling sycophant. DT didn't have to

accuse him of lying just to set up an excuse to fire him. I happen to

agree that Alex had to go (Tana did most of the work while he made

mental lists of her "mistakes" to use against her later) but he didn't

have to be tortured into believing maybe he had a chance last night.

Next week, Craig or Kendra will go. Don't think that Carolyn hasn't

been filling DT in on all their bickering. Disregard what she said

about Tana being too nice to work for DT - another head fake. I'll go

on a limb here and predict Tana to take it all. Having a woman win for

the first time should be good enough for the diversity-uber-alles crowd.> Walt


#6923 May 2, 2005

It was a close call for Tana, and I started to picture Alex as the

winner, because of how long it took her to defend herself. And even

when she did, I agree, it was sad to see her use her win/loss "card"

to explain why she is a better candidate.

> Walt