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#9060 Feb 28, 2006

I don't understand Trump. If that was Rebecca in the hot seat

defending that MENSA guy, Trump would have been drooling over her. I

am convinced he did have a crush on Rebecca. Summer was defending him

just like Rebecca did with Torrel. But in this case, it was seen as

stupidity instead of loyalty


#9061 Feb 28, 2006

Why did he not fire them both????????? DT was right when he saidintelligence yes common sence no. I kind of understand why the people thatare selected to be on the show are picked for their entertainment value.But I would lice to see a couple of average joes that could win. peoplewho grad from an average college and are doing a good job and come in there andshine. I do not like all the Beautiful people they are picking along witha couple of putts.


#9062 Feb 28, 2006

Personally... I'm ready to see the real estate lawyer guy go next... c'mon - your hair cut at Sam's Club... really????

I also took issue with the whole Sam's Club theme too... this is Wal Mart after all... one of the worst companiesin america in my mind... but I digress.

I really wish that she would have spoken up and stated WHY she didn't call more restaurants... she had good reasonfor not calling them... you do need a good reason when you're calling during a dinner rush and a hook... theydidn't have one... nor did they have a gimmick. Samples at least .... you can't walk into any Sam's Club on theweekend and not get a sample of anything... it wouldn't have been hard to pull a restaurant demo together. He maybe mensa... but creativity is not his strong suit that's for sure!!



#9063 Feb 28, 2006

I agree. DT should've fired both Summer and Tarek on the spot. .

Summer made only one phone call where she could've kept calling

different restaurants. Summer also really did a poor job in the board

room waited until the third time Carolyn asked the same question and

she interrupted the Donald a couple of times.

I was hoping that this cast of candidates would've learned from the

mistakes made by candidates from TA1, TA2, and TA3. Apparently, that

wasn't the case as Summer already repeated the same BR mistake made by

Michael back on Season 3. If she hadn't opened her big mouth in the

final BR, Tarek would've been sent packing instead. Lenny told her to

keep her mouth shut in the BR, yet she didn't follow his advice. As

far as I'm concerned, Summer's ousting comes as no surprise. She shot

herself in the foot with her big mouth and now she gets the honor of

being the first candidate fired this season. Tarek should've been

fired along with Summer because he really loused up as PM. At this

point, I don't think Tarek will last very long.

I don't know the candidates well enough to pick a favorite, but I do

know two candidates who I will not be rooting for: Tarek and Brent.

Tarek is too overrated as a candidate and Brent's a complete disaster.

If you thought Danny Kastner was a disaster in Season 3 and Markus the

Doofus was a nutcase in Season 4, I say Brent tops the list in terms

of being the nuttiest contestant in Apprentice history


#9065 Feb 28, 2006

I saw a bit of foreshadowing here as well... I don't quite have the names down so will have to use descriptions....the Russian candidate warned Summer... "don't speak up in the boardroom, please, stay quiet". He had beenprivy to a conversation with everyone else and knew they would crucify her - she was best to answer thequestions given but not give any "extra" information... that's where these candidates always go wrong -

after 5 seasons you'd think they would figure it out by now! The Donald... does not like stupid people...he had 2 in the boardroom at once today.... one got away by the skin of his teeth...for now.



#9074 Feb 28, 2006

That was definitely a revenge move... he told him ahead of time that he'd do it also. Tarek is a man that obviously can't be trusted and isn't what I would call a manager. A PM takes responsibility for the project... doesn't shift blame to anyone who calls them on their faults. Only 2 people were at fault here... Summer and Tarek. Summer screwed up... she opened her mouth. Lee knew he'd be taken in based on the conversation he'd had with Tarek, but he also wanted set the ground work for his relationship with Tarek. Standing your ground... standing up for yourself was necessary on Lee's part to show Tarek that he wasn't going to be pushed around.



#9077 Feb 28, 2006

I thought, honestly, there should've been a double axe job on both

Summer and Tarek. DT almost had Tarek gone until Summer opened her


I read Bill Rancic's blog after the episode and he was definitely

right about Summer's two key problems:

1. Never quit. Summer made one single phone call where should've

kept calling more.

2. Being patient when asked to speak in the boardroom. Summer

interrupted the Donald when he was about to give Tarek the

guillotine. And also, she waited until the third time Carolyn asked

the same question.

Tarek did a poor job as PM.

So far, Brent from Synergy and Tarek from Gold Rush are not my

favorites despite Brent having a good idea and have nothing to show


But let the story play out for a while before I make my quality

favorites and dislikes


#9079 Feb 28, 2006

I wondered why Summer didn't ask someone else what hook they could use if she didn't have one to use herself??? They were a team right???? Bill's right.... keep trying with 1 failure.



#9081 Mar 1, 2006

Well, if Summer would just learn to be professional, She wouldn't get fired. Anywho, I think that guy from the other team who was last picked wouldn't be staying for long. I mean, he has lots of energy and ideasin him but when he was eatting with Donald Trump, he was rude. Normally, people should eat as less as possible so they do not get "mouth full" just to respect surroundings. Maybe someone need to correct me here but that's what I think.

I really wish that she would have spoken up and stated WHY she didn't call more restaurants... she had good reason for not calling them... you do need a good reason when you're calling during a dinner rush and a hook... they


#9101 Mar 2, 2006


#9110 Mar 3, 2006

I agree. Every season there's 1 fat goofball who gets eliminated early


#11160 Feb 7, 2008

what does everyone think will happen to stephen baldwin tonight?? i tend to think he may go to the ladies team because the clips show he is finally fed up with piers....thoughts???


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