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#4401 Oct 31, 2004

Trump Breaks Own Rules in Latest Firing

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- Oct 30, 1:37 PM ET Top Stories - AP

NEW YORK - Donald Trump broke the boardroom rules on NBC's "The

Apprentice." The elimination scene during Thursday's episode was

briefer than expected when real estate mogul Trump fired project

manager Elizabeth Jarosz, 31, without letting her battle it out with

other teammates.

"I think he had his producer hat on and thought it would make a good

TV moment," Jarosz told the Associated Press Friday. "And I happened

to be the fall guy."

In the second season of the business-themed reality show, Trump has

allowed the losing project manager to select either two or three

teammates for roasting.

"I don't want to waste time," Trump told Jarosz after she revealed

she would have brought Raj Bhakta and Chris Russo back into the

boardroom. Trump fired her in front of the entire team. And he

didn't consult with his "eyes and ears" advisers George Ross and

Carolyn Kepcher.

"I think George and Carolyn would've said how amazing I was on

previous tasks," said Jarosz. "They had the ability to see me lead

very well."

In the episode, both teams were told to create an advertising

campaign for New York Police Department recruitment. Jarosz's team

was criticized for creating a fearful, non-emotional campaign.

"This is what I do for a living," Jarosz told the AP. "I knew

exactly how to run the business. It was the `Survivor' mentality of

the team. I went into this hoping to do more business challenges

than reality show challenges."



#4406 Oct 31, 2004

I guess she isn't very good at her regular job.

I am just kidding


#4439 Nov 1, 2004

"I think George and Carolyn would've said how amazing I was on

previous tasks," said Jarosz. "They had the ability to see me lead

very well."

Can we all say "delusional"?> other teammates


#4442 Nov 2, 2004

Apparently Elizabeth has landed on her feet - according to her

companys' website she has been contracted by Procter and Gamble to

create a new line of products that will be on the market by 2009.

Also in her forum she mentions that she makes enough money to do

whatever she wants so I think she's better off as far from the Trump

Flaming Disaster Company as possible


#4445 Nov 2, 2004

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She might well be better off not working for Trump. It's like the

comic who said he didn't understand how working for Donald Trump could

be a "prize".

So Elizabeth is going to create products for Procter and Gamble... I

did not know she was a cosmetic chemist. Is that her background,



#4447 Nov 2, 2004

No - P&G specializes in cleaning products. But she's not going to do

the research and development in the lab. Her background and training

are in marketing and finance. She's going to do the same thing she

did for them when she worked for them - create and market a line of

new products. That means dreaming up the product and figuring out

how to sell it. She created something for them when she worked there

(which she's not allowed to name) and this will be the same task -

only now as a consultant I assume she will receive a royalty. The

product line she developed before has already grossed $650 million so

she's in line to make some bucks


#4448 Nov 3, 2004

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Oh well who needs Trump :)


#4452 Nov 4, 2004

I can say it, but I won't. lol ;-)

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#4453 Nov 4, 2004

I am not surprised at all by this news. Elizabeth is one of my

favorite contestants. I guess I just have good taste, lol. :-)

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#4455 Nov 4, 2004> Flaming Disaster Company as possible