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#8530 Dec 16, 2005

As I reluctantly watched last nights finale, and I saw that Randall,

a Black man get that handshake proceeded by the words, "You're

Hired", I knew that somehow, someway, that it would boil down to


I read (in one post here) that Randall's company had all Blacks in

the room, citing that there were no other races present. If I can

recall correctly, wasn't he speaking with clients and members of his

staff? Let's move on to the decision that has of you up in arms

today, Randall giving the thumbs down to the young lady.


"He's a Pig!"

"Randall the Loser"

Gee whiz people! I totally agree with the person who started a

thread entitled, "What show have you people been watching?" In my

opinion, Kwame was much better than Bill. Even Bill acknoledged that

later (check the DVD boxset to see what I mean), but there were no

cries of foul play on that one.

Randall was absolutely just in his decision. If I had been Donald

Trump and asked him that question, and he had responded with, "Sure,

I don't see why we both can't be winners!", I would have fired him on

the spot and named Rebecca the winner. You should never give up a

position of authority or power.

Don't forget the basis of this show (although the genuine premise has

been long forgotton), is learning business. If each of you had to

negotiate a business deal and compete for a customer. Are you

telling me that you would go to your competitors and say, Hey listen,

this is a billion dollar client, let's all work together to make him

happy!". No. You're going to stand at the top of the heap and look

down at those you've mowed out of your way to get there.

Is it harsh, absolutely. Is it business? Absolutely?

Some of you have said that it's not about sharing the power or the

win, but it was about letting number 2 have the silver medal. Ok,

I'll accept that if you consider this; what would have come about if

Rebecca had outshined Randall on her project after the show. Could

you see the headlines in this very group? "Rebecca's project gets

built underbudget while Randall's fails! We knew she should have


Think of your own company's infrastructure. Does your manager ever

let you take credit for the team win or does the manager alone get

credit for having an outstanding team? It's usually the latter.

There was no racism, there was no foul ball, there was no gunman in

the grassy knoll. As a matter of fact, if I were Randall, I would

have been absolutely insulted that Trump would even ask me something

like that. The Apprentice (since you all want to discuss race) has

been failing in the rating since season 2. Here was a chance ot snag

a black demographic of viewers since most stopped watching after the

Omarosa fiasco and the loss of Kwame. Here was a redeeming

candidate. Intelligent, smart, and the winner! And Trump asks him

to share the spotlight.

Not today Chump, I mean, Trump


#8623 Dec 17, 2005

I don't think there was racism on Randal's part or DT's either. I

think DT just respected the heck out of Rebecca's guts but couldn't

honestly choose her over Randal, the better candidate in terms of

education, real world experience, wins, and the final task (raising

money). I don't think DT's decision to put Randal on the spot was a

great one although it may have shown how much he values Randal's

opinion, but, on the other hand, he supported Randal's decision and

now everyone can see that Randal is tough enough to survive in the

Trump environment. A little ego is surely necessary after all! And

Randal was undoubtedly correct. I can't see Rebecca in charge of

such a big project. Even Randal with his consulting firm experience

and fanastic education will find it challenging. It will be fun to

see if he's called in to future boardrooms to substitute for George.



#8682 Dec 18, 2005

In my opinion Randall chose the inferior position. It was very undefined working with

Trump and other personnel on renovating casinos. While the other job was to be in charge

of building 2 large condos