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Hey all,

I know that you have to have some special computer to modify the sounds in the FB01, but is it possible to do it another way? For example, I'm about to purchase a Yamaha MO8 Keyboard, which I'm sure can ape a lot of the DX sounds, but would it be possible through MIDI to mod the sounds with the MO8 or am I destined to hunt on ebay for one of those computers?




#807 Mar 1 11:47 PM

Someone recently posted a link for a FB01 editor that works under Windows...

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- have not tried it myself.

You can also emulate an Atari ST under Windows with a program called

STeem... ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- There are several Atari FB01 editors that

will work with it. Here is a link to one...

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- You can Google search

and find several others.



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I'll check these out, by special, I mean wasn't there a Yamaha Module that you used with the FB01 to change parameters? I have the model number in the product manual, but I have it put away.> Bri


#809 Mar 2 12:11 AM

I've used yseditor in steem, and i recommend it. I was able to merge the midi from that program with my controller midi, and tweak the sounds as i was playing them from the controller. Lots of fun!

Supposedly, the Sound Quest MidiQuest software has a FB-01 VSTi for cubase? I haven't looked into it yet. I, like Bri, the OP, prefer hardware solutions.

I'm just going to dump all my FB-01 links here.... :)

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- editor for DOS

yseditor page:



tons of atari programs:



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As Alan mentioned besides running an Atari emulation in a Windows PC (not a special computer as I can seriously testify to) there is the FB01 Editor on Source Forge mentioned kingconga4 here:

---Links-Are-Forbidden--- suggest you download it directly from sourceforge and avoid third party sites. Sourceforge is a reliable and legitimate source of open source software. At least one of the other links he provided for the same software had a negative WOT (Web of Trust) rating. Plus, sourceforge should always have the most recent version of this software. I tried the beta but since then a "1.0 stable release version" has been posted. It's only drawback I can see is that it's user manual is in French. The screens however do all seem to be in English.

I also have another FB01 editor written in Delphi but it can't save or load patches to your hard drive and I have a copy of Yamedit which is a general 4 operator editor if there is any interest.

I suggest you try the Source Forge one first assuming you have a PC!




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Thanks all, I try those