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#437 Oct 11, 2007

Hello everyone.

I was very ill for a while.

And I've been busy with work.

I came into some more service manuals on the weekend. Most of the

Yamaha RX drum machines, REV5, some stuff I already have. most of the

SY synths. TX16W. Oh, and the rest of the Casio service manuals I've

been after for a long time, too.

I'll be posting some scans of some Yamaha promotional material to

this group, and to my website soon.

I'm seeing Laurie Anderson perform next week. And lecture. A talk and

Q&A thing Tuesday, performances Wednesday and Friday.

Keep those cards and letter coming!



#438 Oct 12, 2007


Sorry to hear you were sick. This end's been holding up well.

The TX16W Service Docs would be very welcome and anything for the

SY55, TG55, or TG500. I have the SY22 Service Manual but still

haven't scanned it yet. What Casio's docs have you been after? I

can't seem to find the CZ-1 Service Manual anywhere. I have a copy of

the CZ5000 Service docs but haven't scanned them yet.

I just repaired a JLCooper MSB Rev2 8x8 midi switcher. Next is an

Alesis Micron that has no audio outputs. Should be the Fets that mute

the ouputs but I haven't gotten it yet so we'll see....

Oh, almost forgot! I completed a great YBB project last weekend. I

put a new Lumex 16x1 display with a green LED backlight in my TX7.

Simple to do and there was even a place to plug in to the 5 volts DC

to power the backlight using a 3.3 ohm current limiting resistor in

the line. The contrast resistors also needed to be fooled with and

that was about it. The stock resistor was 54 ohms and the new display

required a 1.67K ohm to get the contrast nice and sharp otherwise it

was all solid black bars. Now I can read the display from accross the

room. Allright!!!!

YBB's forever, Fran


#439 Oct 14, 2007

Fran, thanks for the reply.In the collection I received recently I acquired;Tx16w; Dx7IIFD (which I already had a copy of); FB-01; Dx21; DSP-1 (home stereo requipment); Rev5; CX-5m MSX computer service manual (it exists!); PSR 400/500; GC2020 (Compressor/limiter); PS6100; PSR6300; PSR90 (has the OPZ, YM2414, same sound chip as Tx81z and TQ5, etc); Qx7; Tx81z (again); Tg500; Spx90; V50; Dx11; I have the SY77 and SY99 service dox, too.Also, almost all the Rx drum machines, the other Qx sequencers and some other stuff that you've never heard of.Didn't get any DEQ stuff. I've scarcely had time to even begin to catalog all of these riches, due to having so much other stuff to try and get done.

Ok, I'm inspired to keep cataloguing now.I've also got CS40m, CS70m, CS80, CE20, CS25, GS1/2 (another copy!) synth manuals. These CE ones are interesting, early FM.

Also have PF15, Dx7/9 manual (good explainations of how the different chipsinteract).

Not all of this will be scanned, but, it's "around"

For those of you who missed the Yamaha IC Data book I scanned and posted online via Matrixsynth; ---Links-Are-Forbidden--- also have a non-functional Dx7 which I am junking. It was physically damaged on the panel, and I believe that most of it still works. I have=End cheeks (both ends)=Almost all keys. I have the very top C key.=phones board, aftertouch board, main board (would need to be checked for functionality before sale/trade

And, one of the most interesting things I was given was an un-installed virgin Dx7IIFD E! Board. yes, one exists. I'll be hanging on to that for myself, probably, so that I can get a cheap Dx7II and give it the E! treatment.

That's it for me, folks. It's late, and I feel like I'm being a bragging jerk.If you have any Questions about anything in those manuals or whateverelse, please, sing out and let me know, and I'll see if I can help you out.can't scan whole manuals readily, but, chip pinouts, and how to get into the test mode, no worries, I can help you out with that. It's probably not UDUDLRLRBABASTART.

I've been playing a CZ-101 the last few days. It's very close to FM, but, it has all those extra waveforms, which make it really lovely.

Love to you all.....Edward/Loscha